Video Projects

Project 1 : Assembling & flying toy helicopter

This is a non-remote control & low coast plastic toy helicopter available in Bangalore city, India. This is easy to assemble and fly using the launcher. It is not possible to fly the helicopter by kids under age 5. Highly adult supervision is recommended. As there is foam pieces stuck to the three wings of the helicopter it wont hurt when you hit against it. Detailed demo is shown in the video enjoy!

Click here play the toy helicopter video

Project 2 : Paper boat-Making and floating in River (Basic, Wings and Knife paper boats) Video

Demonstration of making paper boats and floating in the river with crowd of boys. Actual fun starts when the boats are floating in the flowing water.

Project 3 : Butterfly Stroke, Front Crawl & Backwards Strokes - Learn Quick Video

I have presented this outdoor swimming tutorial in natural background with real people. By watching and reading swimming description on each swimming stoke will definitely make you a swimmer. When I learnt swimming in the river Cauvery at the age of 5 no one helped. I learnt by myself. I recommend not to practice in the river initially. Learn & practice at any swimming pool and swim in the river Cauvery. It’s real fun.