Collage - an introduction

Generally a collage can be a combination of photographs, hand made papers, part of other artwork glued to a base or canvas. Though collage has a history of hundred years, this collage became very popular among the artist after 20th century only. It had reappeared dramatically in this century.

The French word “coller” means to glue. Collage is an art. The pieces of color paper, news paper, magazine, canvas, photographs or anything that can glue on a base gives beautiful art work is called Collage. This Collage art involves more creativity. You can assemble pieces in a number of ways. You can create this collage in two a ways. One is two dimensional and another one is three dimensional. The pieces of paper that glue on the base board gives two dimensional look, a 2D collage. If you glue some broken pieces of glass, wood, stone etc., turns into three dimensional look, a 3D collage.
Some great artists were doing collage in the ancient days. So don’t think it would be a difficult one. It’s as easy as painting. This collage art becomes a simple or complex one that how you want it to be. Collage making is easy once you got the idea and theme.